// Read: Exodus 13:17-18 //
17-18 So at last Pharaoh let the people go.

God did not lead them through the land of the Philistines, although that was the most direct route from Egypt to the Promised Land. The reason was that God felt the people might become discouraged by having to fight their way through, even though they had left Egypt armed; he thought they might return to Egypt. Instead, God led them along a route through the Red Sea wilderness

Furthermore, in His Divine Wisdom, God may lead a man in a roundabout experience. The children of Israel were led about in a circular form when they disobeyed God. Your attitude, confession, complaints may make God lead you about. Stop complaining; start attaining by showing gratitude to God for what He hath done in your life so far. Avoid murmuring and complaints, be a thanksgiver and appreciate Him for what He has done in the past and He will do new things in your life.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, I give you praise for my life, please perfect all that concerns me.

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