Welcome to Revealed Word of God Global Ministry

About The Church

Revealed Word of God Global Ministry, a ministry that is committed to preaching, teaching and publishing of the Word of God to every creature as the Lord commands. Also, it has the vision for intercession and revival of soul. We serve the existing churches, fellowship, groups and christian organizations; ministering to and through them.

Revealed Word of God Global Ministry emanated from the vision, burden and call given to Pastor Adeolu Afolabi by the Lord in 1992, to start Revealed Word.

The ministry actually existed in two phases at its commencement viz: Revealed Word Intercessors and Revealed Word Publications, but due to the hand of God very visible on the work, growth was experienced then the ministry metamorphosed to a full fledged ministry given by the Lord and was commissioned formally on June 7, 1995.

The ministry has since expanded both in reach and in size as well as in impact.