Get to know Revealed Word of God Global Ministry

Revealed Word of God Global Ministry is a mandate given to His servant Adeolu Afolabi by God is that “I have raised you to Teach, Heal and raise me leaders” so the focus of the Ministry over the years has been on this assignments to fulfil this mandate. 

Sunday Gatherings

We gather on Sundays to learn at the master’s feet. We worship, we share and rejoice in the presence of God. The third Sunday of every month is a bumper package as we do have WORD FEAST.

Time & Location

Our Sunday morning service is at 8am.

Other Services

TUESDAYS – 4:30PM. School of The Word is an in-depth teaching of the Word of God. 
THURSDAYS 4:30PM. Prayers is an important part of a Christian life, We meet to seek the face of God and pray for ourselves
First Friday of the Month/11am – 5am. Coming together to pray and be empowered.
 Last Saturday of the Month/10am – 4pm. This is a time of divine visitation as God always visit us with His wonders and many are been delivered from various demonic oppression.

What to expect

Expect to be blessed of God, come with a ready heart, empty yourself. Expect never to remain the same.