// Read Exodus 13:17-18 //
17-18 So at last Pharaoh let the people go.

God did not lead them through the land of the Philistines, although that was the most direct route from Egypt to the Promised Land. The reason was that God felt the people might become discouraged by having to fight their way through, even though they had left Egypt armed; he thought they might return to Egypt. Instead, God led them along a route through the Red Sea wilderness

Just as we said yesterday, the leadership of God cannot be manipulated. God can lead you in a long route just as He did in the case of the children of Israel. If your journey is long God has a reason for it, He will never lead you into trouble but away from trouble. He will never lead you to any evil but away from evil. According to our estimation, the route may be long but it is for our good. In case of the children of Israel, the Scripture says that the shorter route will lead them to battle and they may turn back. Know for sure that there is a reason for the delay in your journey. Do not be discouraged, He will see you through.

PRAYER: Lord, grant me fulfillment in this journey.

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