// Read: Psalm 119:152-160 //
152 Long ago I learned from your statutes
that you established them to last forever.

ר Resh
153 Look on my suffering and deliver me,
for I have not forgotten your law.
154 Defend my cause and redeem me;
preserve my life according to your promise.
155 Salvation is far from the wicked,
for they do not seek out your decrees.
156 Your compassion, Lord, is great;
preserve my life according to your laws.
157 Many are the foes who persecute me,
but I have not turned from your statutes.
158 I look on the faithless with loathing,
for they do not obey your word.
159 See how I love your precepts;
preserve my life, Lord, in accordance with your love.
160 All your words are true;
all your righteous laws are eternal.

One more thing to note in this Psalm is that David justified his petition with the word of God. He kept doing like Hezekiah, He was recounting his walk with God that he might be justified. In verse 159, he said, “Consider how I love thy precepts, quicken me O Lord according to thy loving-kindness”. Be encouraged and continue to do the will of God and yours will be the next testimony in Jesus name.

Prayer: Pray that God will show you His loving-kindness.

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