// READ: GENESIS 25:25-34 //
25 The first to come out was red, and his whole body was like a hairy garment; so they named him Esau.[a] 26 After this, his brother came out, with his hand grasping Esau’s heel; so he was named Jacob.[b] Isaac was sixty years old when Rebekah gave birth to them.

27 The boys grew up, and Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the open country, while Jacob was content to stay at home among the tents. 28 Isaac, who had a taste for wild game, loved Esau, but Rebekah loved Jacob.

29 Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished. 30 He said to Jacob, “Quick, let me have some of that red stew! I’m famished!” (That is why he was also called Edom.[c])

31 Jacob replied, “First sell me your birthright.”

32 “Look, I am about to die,” Esau said. “What good is the birthright to me?”

33 But Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob.

34 Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left.

So Esau despised his birthright.


The devil always uses the visible to deceive the people of God. He told Eve to look and when she beheld it, it was good for food; Only God know where Esau was coming from that he did not die on the road and got home safely and alive. But on sighting pottage, he uttered words that destroyed his destiny. Be careful of what you say or do in times of need. Esau sold his birthright because he was hungry! Also, learn to value what God values. Do not despise or underrate what is in your future. The devil is a master at making you perceive what is waiting for you in the future wrongly. Do not play into his hands like Esau. He later sought for it with tears. The antidote is self-discipline / control and ability to endure.

PRAYER: Pray that you will not value the present more than the future you do not know

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