// READ: 1 Sam. 13:1 //
13 Saul was thirty[a] years old when he became king, and he reigned over Israel forty-[b] two years.
The Scripture says Amon made himself sick; every sickness is curable but when a man make himself sick, that sickness may not be curable.
Issues that can make you sick personally are:
i. Evil thoughts Vs 2
ii. Keeping a subtle friend in relationship like Jonadab
iii. Falling in strange love Vs2
iv. When positive actions produces negative reactions. Why should loving somebody produce leanness?
v. What happens to you day-to-day Vs4
Be careful of making yourself sick, it can consume your destiny. Nobody can heal you of a sickness you commenced in yourself.
PRAYER: Pray about this in your life.

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