// Read: Ezekiel 44:1-4 //
Then the Lord brought me back to the outer wall’s eastern passageway, but it was closed. 2 And he said to me:

“This gate shall remain closed; it shall never be opened. No man shall pass through it; for the Lord, the God of Israel, entered here, and so it shall remain shut. 3 Only the prince—because he is the prince—may sit inside the passageway to feast there before the Lord. But he shall go and come only through the entry hall of the passage.”

4 Then he brought me through the north passageway to the front of the Temple. I looked and saw that the glory of the Lord filled the Temple of the Lord, and I fell to the ground with my face in the dust.

Further on the house of the Lord, the following are the portions available that you should always look out for and pray to experience whenever you come there:
i. Glory of the Lord Ezekiel 44:4.
ii. Freshness and Green Portion Psalm 52:8.
iii. Things come under judgment I Peter 4:17; Psalm 122:5.
iv. Peace and Prosperity Psalm 122:7
v. Blessings of God Psalm 134:1; 118:26.
vi. Goodness and Mercy Psalm 23:6.
vii. Strength Zechariah 8:9.

PRAYER: Pray to experience the above whenever you come into the house of God

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