// Read: Acts 26:13-19 //

MEDITATION: For Paul, the following are the details of his heavenly vision:
(i) To make him a minister and a witness
(ii) Deliverance from the people and Gentiles.
(iii) To open eyes and turn from darkness to light, power of Satan to God.
(iv) Receive forgiveness and inheritance among them that are sanctified by faith.
This mandate has two sides to it; Godward side and Paul’s side. The first two is the responsibility of God while the remaining there are Paul’s responsibility. Also, without the first two, Paul cannot accomplish his own side of the vision. Beloved, every heavenly vision must have two sides (God and yours) and except God does his own part, it will not be possible to do yours. Check your heavenly vision and see if it has these sides.

Prayer: Pray for grace to submit to the making so as to be able to do your responsibility effectively.

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