// Read Acts 10:38; Mark 6:13 //
Healing can come on the wings of God Almighty, which is by the power of His Spirit. Healing is needed for (i.) Spirit- Infirmities/Bondage (ii.) Soul- Trouble, Worry, fear (Psa 147:3) (iii.) Body- Illness and Diseases.
Divine healing can be contacted and received by
i. The Spoken Word – I Kings 2:22, Psalm 107:20; Matthew 8:5
ii. The Anointing – Mark 6:13; Acts 10:38
iii. Faith of the one to receive – Acts 14:9
iv. Contact with the man of God – Matthew 15:30; Mark 3:10; Mark 5:23
v. Presence of God’s Power – Luke 17:5; Matthew 10:1
PRAYER: Oh Lord in the name of Jesus Christ; heal me Spirit, Soul and Body.

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