// Read: Genesis 9:1-19 //
God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to have many children and to repopulate the earth.

2-3 “All wild animals and birds and fish will be afraid of you,” God told him; “for I have placed them in your power, and they are yours to use for food, in addition to grain and vegetables. 4 But never eat animals unless their life-blood has been drained off. 5-6 And murder is forbidden. Man-killing animals must die, and any man who murders shall be killed; for to kill a man is to kill one made like God. 7 Yes, have many children and repopulate the earth and subdue it.”

8 Then God told Noah and his sons, 9-11 “I solemnly promise you and your children[a] and the animals you brought with you—all these birds and cattle and wild animals—that I will never again send another flood to destroy the earth. 12 And I seal this promise with this sign: 13 I have placed my rainbow in the clouds as a sign of my promise until the end of time, to you and to all the earth. 14 When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will be seen in the clouds, 15 and I will remember my promise to you and to every being, that never again will the floods come and destroy all life. 16-17 For I will see the rainbow in the cloud and remember my eternal promise to every living being on the earth.”

18 The names of Noah’s three sons were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. (Ham is the ancestor of the Canaanites.)[b] 19 From these three sons of Noah came all the nations of the earth.

The rewards of obedience to God and His Words are uncountable in the Scriptures. In fact, it is from Genesis to Revelation but we will spend some days looking at few examples. Noah survived the flood because he obeyed the commandment of God. If he had doubted and not obeyed, he and his family would have perished but obedience saved him. God blessed him and his family and through them came the people who were scattered over the earth (vs. 19).

PRAYER: Pray all the blessing of Noah to your life.

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