// Read: Exodus 13:17-18, Jeremiah 29:11 //

17 Pharaoh made the people leave Egypt. God did not let the people take the road leading to the land of the Philistines. That road by the Mediterranean Sea is the shortest way, but God said, “If the people go that way they will have to fight. Then they might change their minds and go back to Egypt.” 18 So God led them another way through the desert by the Red Sea.[a] The Israelites were dressed for war when they left Egypt.

Jeremiah 29:11

11 I say this because I know the plans that I have for you.” This message is from the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.


Beloved, God is good! His ways may not be what we expect but He is good and very thoughtful. The Bible says, He led them not through the land of the Philistine although it was near, for God said, lest peradventure the people repent when they see war and they return to Egypt. These are the people that are still rejoicing over their freedom, in fact, it was still like a dream to them and God is already planning their route to the promise land. Is that not wonderful? Go and rest in God! His thought can never be evil but good, to give you a future and an end!

PRAYER: Lord, help me to trust you totally (completely) without doubt.

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