// READ 1 Kings 5:1-7 //

[a]When Hiram king of Tyre heard that Solomon had been anointed king to succeed his father David, he sent his envoys to Solomon, because he had always been on friendly terms with David. Solomon sent back this message to Hiram:

“You know that because of the wars waged against my father David from all sides, he could not build a temple for the Name of the Lord his God until theLord put his enemies under his feet. But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side, and there is no adversary or disaster. I intend, therefore, to build a temple for the Name of the Lord my God, as the Lord told my father David, when he said, ‘Your son whom I will put on the throne in your place will build the temple for my Name.’

“So give orders that cedars of Lebanon be cut for me. My men will work with yours, and I will pay you for your men whatever wages you set. You know that we have no one so skilled in felling timber as the Sidonians.”

When Hiram heard Solomon’s message, he was greatly pleased and said, “Praise be to the Lord today, for he has given David a wise son to rule over this great nation.”


All of us always want to go up in life and we desire to be at the top but God always use the downward trend to show forth His power and glory among men. The Lord took Naaman down to a little maid, down to the land of Israel, down from the palace to a subject-Elisha and from Elisha to go down to Jordan to dip himself seven times. Humble yourself in the hand of God so that He will lift you up at the right time.

Prayer: Pray that you will understand the downward dealings of God in your life.


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